Hamon & Associates server was busting at the seams with Digital Assets from their expanding client base. They called King O Mac’s consultants to implement a solution that would support their entire office and offer growth potential for the future.

We calculated the growth of files from their new accounts and came up with a solution that solved their problem. We seamlessly installed the new equipment and transferred all their files.

“I have been using the services of Mac consultants for 15 years and by far King O Mac is the best in the business. They know their trade and stay on top of current and new products. They are reliable, prompt and never leave me hanging if they can’t solve the problem right away-they follow through each time.”
Evelyn Inaba- Studio Manager
Hamon & Associates



Graphic Design Services ongoing issues with Hard Drives in Power Mac G4’s prompted a call to King O Mac. We implemented a schedule of replacement of hard drives that were too small and slow with faster drives that gave them the required scratch disk space.




Stewart Sound had out grown their old offices.
When the owner, Bob Stewart, contacted King O Mac to consult on the upcoming move and setup of a new building.
We walked through the new building during construction. After a thorough examination of the floor plans we made sure that the power, phone and network jacks were all in the right place. When construction was complete we were there to make sure that every workstation and server was online.

We offer a complete line of business and home phone
systems as well as install network wiring. We also have great Internet and E-Mail providers.




Arco Gas Inc
. When their graphics department needed help with the new versions of their graphic applications they called King O Mac and we sent our expert Trainers to get them up to speed.




Creative Evolution “King O Mac cleaned up all of our software conflicts, taught me (and each of my employees) how to clean up the clutter on individual workstations to avoid problems, and set us up with a server and back-up system to increase productivity and insure against potential disaster. It’s been a great advantage for us to have a professional, expert consultant to advise us on computers, peripherals, and software at the drop of a hat. – And it really doesn’t hurt that they’re nice guys!”
Wayne Sakimoto – Owner
Creative Evolution




Nikken Inc. has a network of hundreds of PC’s and a Macintosh graphics department. They had a real need for easy file transfer from writers on PC’s to designers on Mac systems. We consulted on a new X-Serve and software to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3! Now their writers in China, France and Japan can drop files on there server, and those files go directly into the next catalog.




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